Episode 80: Turkey and Stuff–ing

Welcome back to another episode of The Cool Teacher Podcast and Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the turkey, the time off, and listening to the two coolest teachers ever! Well, maybe at least one teacher is super-cool, and we won’t say which one that is.

In this week’s episode, Chris and Barbara talk about the tools they are thankful for and the turkeys they’d like to see go away or at least improve. Don’t miss this special Thanksgiving holiday Cool Teacher Podcast.

And then go back to watching football.

One thought on “Episode 80: Turkey and Stuff–ing

  1. Hi,
    This was my first time to listen. I really enjoyed this. I’m really glad to be a part of this program.

    I too use PowerPoint to edit pictures and save them as jpegs. Years ago, this was the required format for submitting extra-curricular activity posters at Chatsworth International School in Singapore. I created the picture on my 502 default page in PowerPoint. It was fast. I hope to use Fireworks and Photoshop more in the future.

    Happy Thanksgiving (belated)

    ps. There is a line in one of the Stuart Little movies… The scene opens in Stuart’s class (actually the boy’s class) at school and the teacher is saying, “Canada is separate from the United States because Canadians like to be alone.”
    What is that?


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