Episode 96: Context-specific contacts–WOW! Another Barbara Idea

Welcome back to another week of the Cool Teacher Podcast. During today’s podcast, Chris will tell us about Presefy (http://www.presefy.com/#/landing)–yeah it’s a standard slide-show type of tool, but for some purposes, it might fit a need. And guess what–one of his students told him about this! Cool.

Barbara begins her discussion of the paper-based business card and why we need to move on (does this sound like a familiar theme with here?). Anyway, listen as she tells you how to use Evernote to create and access context-specific contacts.

Then, we answer some of your questions–and they are very good. So stay tuned and stay cool with the Cool Teacher Podcast. Post comments to our Google Plus page (http://bit.ly/coolteachers) or our Facebook page (http://facebook.com/coolteachers).

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