Episode 97: Barbara’s Cat

Welcome back to another week of the Cool Teacher Podcast. Chris talks about Cloud Party, Barbara talks more about context-specific contacts, and part three of a fabulous interview with Josh Caldwell.

3 thoughts on “Episode 97: Barbara’s Cat

  1. I was very interested in the idea of Cloud Party. I currently teach at a bring your own device school. This situation comes with its own set of challenges, including planning lessons that will work on many different devices. The fact that Cloud Party does not need to be downloaded is very appealing.


  2. Great episodes!! When does the 2014 season premiere?

    (I also had a cat once who was a bird hunter – they love to share their trophies with us!)

    CloudParty is great because it’s HTML5 / WebGL so does not require a thick client install. You can even give a URL to your land, like my tiny Agile Theater (you have to click the screen to get it to play. For popcorn I recommend OpenSim. For Unity coders I recommend Jibe. Well heck, I’ll just list my atlas here. I may even update it if you do another PodCast!!


    I guess it’s not just a mater of which virtual world you pick, but why? and what do we do with it once we are in there? What shape is your classroom?

    Best regards to you both (and said cat)


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